You Give Me Butterflies


‘You give me Butterflies’ Print – 10 x 10 inches, art print on 300 gsm archival paper, limited edition (50 total prints), signed, unframed

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About the Artist:

Sravya Attaluri, an Artivist and graphic designer, utilizes her art to empower women and destigmatize mental health. Her work appears in editorials, brand marketing, and social media collaborations. Passionate about social change, Sravya leverages art as a tool for advocacy.

This stems from her personal journey, where she used art to process and express her own experiences with grief, depression, mindfulness, and happiness (as showcased in her daily illustrations on Instagram). Witnessing the power of her art to resonate with others, Sravya was inspired by the potential of design and illustration to impact society positively. She now seeks to collaborate with like-minded individuals and brands to create positive change through the power of visual communication.


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