Our Values

SAAFC's vision for 2024-2025 centers on a singular theme: Relationships.

This focus provides a clear structure and context for our mental health initiatives within a broader field. As we observed in our past season's activities, many in the post-pandemic world grapple with isolation, highlighting the profound need for connection. To address this, our workshops, content, and events throughout the coming year will delve into the foundation of human connection: relationships. We'll explore romantic partnerships, friendships, and the diverse relationships that shape our lives, including those with work, family, and even ourselves.

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Art & Storytelling

Celebrate South Asian artistry and storytelling through various initiatives

Annual Gala in March 2025: Feature an art market and South Asian performances showcasing creative talents. Honorary awards to three individuals who exemplify the three pillars of SAAFC’s mission: education, art, and community building.

SAAFC Podcast: Short (20-minute) educational podcasts featuring conversations about various mental health topics involving SAAFC, community members, and subject matter experts

Online Art Market & Artist Showcases: Provide a platform for South Asian artists to reach a wider audience, with proceeds benefiting SAAFC initiatives and the artists themselves.

"Breaking the Silence" Docu-Series (continued): Empower South Asians through artistic storytelling, delving into topics not frequently talked about in the South Asian community in regards to mental health,


Expand access to mental health knowledge and resources

Free Educational Webinars: Offer valuable information on various mental health topics.

Comprehensive Resource Platform: Develop a platform that will empower users to find culturally competent therapists, stay informed about upcoming mental health events and webinars, and explore training opportunities and scholarship resources for South Asian mental health professionals, and finally information on available mental health funds.

Online Mental Health Education: Utilize SAAFC's website and social media platforms as hubs for high-quality and accessible mental health education resources. Utilize SAAFC's website and social media platforms as hubs for high-quality and accessible mental health education resources.

Inaugural Mental Health Symposium (March 2025): Host a free, one-day symposium before the annual gala, offering focused workshops on mental health, art, and storytelling, followed by a lunch with a resource fair, art market, wellness expo, and vendor tables.


Strengthen community bonds through events and collaborations

Interactive Events: Host engaging live events featuring SAAFC's signature style of interactive exercises, open dialogue, and cultivating connection.

SAAFC Small Events: Organize smaller, focused events around activities like walking groups, meditation, book clubs, and journaling to promote wellness and connection.

Strategic Collaborations: Partner with South Asian influencers, corporate sponsors, and media outlets to raise awareness, increase involvement, and amplify SAAFC's message.

Showcase your art

SAAFC is on the lookout for South Asian American artists of all levels - whether you're just starting out, doing it for fun, or a seasoned pro - to feature your work in our upcoming projects and live events!

Interested? Just hit the button below to share your info, and we'll reach out to you soon.

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