Hey Everyone

We are your 2024 SAAFC Board and we're so excited to get to work!

As board members of South Asian Americans For Change (SAAFC), we are united by a shared commitment to break down the barriers surrounding mental health discussions within the South Asian community. Our organization champions the use of arts, education, and community engagement as powerful tools for fostering understanding, support, and healing. We believe in creating spaces that encourage open conversations, promoting both emotional and social well-being.

Our vision is to build a future where mental health is no longer a taboo topic but a fundamental aspect of our community’s discourse. By leveraging the strengths of our cultural heritage and the dynamism of our diverse community, SAAFC aims to empower individuals to seek support, share their stories, and contribute to a stigma-free environment. Together, we are dedicated to making lasting change, ensuring that every voice is heard, and every experience valued.


Who attended our workshops are interested in further education.


Who attended our workshops would implement the tools they learned in their daily lives.


Who attended our workshops found the content relatable.